Heresy in the Church

Most of the congregation of Holy Cross Episcopal Church in Shreveport, Louisiana, thought the Rector had just started speaking louder. At the pulpit, where there was a microphone, his voice sounded exactly the same as it did at the altar, where there was no microphone. Just louder. There was no difference in voice quality. When told that the new P.A. system was installed, some members were disappointed. It "didn't sound like a P.A. system." What they did not know was that a new "Heresy" had been introduced into the church. Mounted on a beam thirty feet above the altar, it works unobtrusively, reinforcing the spoken word. And it does this with such naturalness that no one realizes it is there. Yet even the people on the back row understand clearly everything that is said. Natural reproduction is designed into the Klipsch HERESY as well as the KLIPSCHORN and other Klipsch speakers. For honest reproduction of music, speech, or any other sound, where space or budget limit size, use the HERESY loudspeaker. Since it reproduces speech with such naturalness, consider what it can do for your home music system.

For information about natural sound in public address systems, ask for "Sound Reinforcement" by Paul W. Klipsch.